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Golf Shot Calculator

View and calculate golf handicap fractions on your iPhone or iPod. Golf Shot Calculator is an app we developed which allows you to calculate how many shots you are entitled to when playing a reduced stableford golf competition. We came up with the idea after struggling with our maths. Working out 5/8's of our handicaps wasn't the easiest of task. Golf Shot Calculator is available on the App Store for 79 pence.

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Create and maintain lists on your iPhone or iPod. With iLists you can add list items with or without a list name and delete list items from a list by swiping across an item or touching the edit button. You can mark list items as complete or incomplete. You can also edit existing list items by touching a list item. Add new items to an existing list by touching the add button next to the list name. iLists is available on the App Store for free.

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