Google Chrome Extension to Manage Multiple Projects Within Trello

  • Dan Lister

We've created a little extension called Projects for Trello which adds functionality to the awesome for use in multiple project boards. Projects for Trello is a Chrome Extension that adds a little bit of functionality to Trello to make it perfect to use with multiple projects. Projects for Trello allows you to add project labels to cards.

How does it work?

Project names are written in between parentheses in the title of a card. For example: {Project} Upon an error I want to see an awesome 404 page. Upon saving the card, Projects for Trello picks up the assigned project name and shows it as a badge in the lower left corner of the card. Projects for Trello also supports multiple labels per card.


Most, if not all credit goes to Scrum for Trello which was was developed by Marcel Duin and Jasper Kaizer. This project is a rework of their original extension to handle project labels. We've created an open source repository if you find any issues or wish to contribute to the project. You can find the repository on our Github profile.