We are a software house based in Manchester, UK. Our speciality is creating content managed websites using EPiServer and Umbraco. We also love making apps for iOS and can provide a professional music recording and production service.


Web Development

For us, developing web sites is a genuine passion. We pride ourselves on creating great and innovative solutions that help our clients reach more people. Our belief is that websites should change and evolve over time. To facilitate this we use flexible content management systems like EPiServer and Umbraco.

App Development

The future of software development lies in the mobile market. We love using apps so naturally we love making them too. If you have an idea for an application get in touch and we'd be more than happy to make it a reality. So far our completed apps include iLists and the popular Golf Shot Calculator.


There's no point in having a fantastic web site if no-one can see it. We can provide Microsoft Windows Azure hosting to our customers. This gives the ability to accommodate highly scalable web sites, virtual machines, networks, media and mobile services. We believe there is no thunder in the cloud.

Music Production

Music is an important part of our life. We've been fortunate enough to record and produce great up and coming bands like Stop The Blackout and Kassoma. Our services will help you to achieve a professional sound and dyanmic songs. We can help you record and produce your songs at an affordable price.



Golf Hole Editor Package For Umbraco

Golf Hole Editor Package For Umbraco

15 Aug 2014

The Golf Hole Editor package is an Umbraco data type for creating golf hole information. This data type could be used on a golf club website for displaying course information. An editor can configure each hole's tees and it's

Using Custom Deployment Scripts with Windows Azure Websites

Using Custom Deployment Scripts with Windows Azure Websites

27 Jun 2014

Automating deployments is a must when building an application. We've been using Windows Azure Websites to host our Umbraco solutions for a while. We wanted to step away from our TeamCity server as it adds another level of complexity

How to Remove Orphaned or Missing Umbraco Nodes

How to Remove Orphaned or Missing Umbraco Nodes

24 Mar 2014

Here is a little tip on how to remove missing or orphaned nodes within Umbraco. You may encounter this error if you try copying nodes within the back office. You'll receive an error relating to a method called 'umbraco.dialogs.moveOrCopy.CheckPermissions'.